I started blogging

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And I feel kind of overwhelmed by this fact! I have never experienced writing technical articles for public audience (neither for not-so-public one 😉 ) and I feel like I’m out of one’s depth, but hey, let’s hope that everything will clarify the more writing experience I gain.

So, this “blog”, what’s it going to be? Well, first of all, I’m going to use it as a learning opportunity. Not only for writing, but mostly for technical things. Is there a better reason to really dive into something than explaining the topic to someone else? I think that you can say that you know something as soon as you’re able to clearly speak your mind.
Second, why not share the love? If I have encountered some interesting issue while coding, a blog is the best way to remember it. I know that in my previous job I struggled with few difficult cases but after a year (and a lot in a one’s life) I can barely remember what it was. This is going to be my personal software development memorial.
And at last, but not least, I’m not an English native. You’ll probably come across a lot of grammatical mistakes and typos on this ground, but as far as I know, people are able to understand me and what I have to say 🙂

By the way, the cat you see on the featured image is my cat called Magnolia. She was a brave companion of mine during writing this post!

if you want to get to know more about me, you can visit the About page.

5 thoughts on “I started blogging

  1. Jakub Reply

    Wow. Can’t wait when you’ll start writing! Especially I am waiting for the Kotlin + Blockchain part. 🙂
    Good luck!

    btw. She is such a nice cat, isn’t she?

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